DJI Parking System


The DJI Parking System consists of Parking Assist, Memory Parking, Auto Parking, and Intelligent Summon. Essential functions include Parking Assist, Drive Out of the Parking Spot, 360 View Monitoring, and Summon Assist Based on GPS for indoor, outdoor, open, and enclosed parking spots. Advanced autonomous functions include Mid and Long-Range Auto Parking Based on Trained Trajectory, Mid and Long-Range Summon Based on HD Map, Rear Collision Warning, and Rear Automatic Emergency Braking. It can also share the DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller with the DJI Driving System and reuse most sensors to reduce hardware costs.

Memory Parking
Automatic Parking Assist
Enables automatic parking and summoning based on the parking trajectory and map information memorized by the system.
According to the existing map information, the system can automatically detect available parking spaces and park the car.

Hardware Configuration

DJI Parking P5 (Parking Assist)
DJI Parking P100 (Memory Parking)
DJI Parking P1000 (Automatic Parking)

Other Solutions

DJI Driving D80 Series

Covers a speed range from 0-80 kph, ideal for city expressways and similar scenarios.

DJI Driving D130 Series

Covers a speed range from 0-130 kph, making it suitable for both city expressways and highways.