DJI Driving D80 Series


The D80 Series covers a speed range from 0-80 kph, ideal for city expressways and similar scenarios. The systems include Geo-Fencing, Driver Monitoring System, Sensor Self-Calibration, and OTA Update. Several autonomous driving functions include Advanced Lane-Keeping, Advanced Cruise Control, Short Cut-In Handling, Stop-and-Go for Traffic Jam, Driver-Triggered Lane Changing, Advanced Overtaking Assistance, Intelligent Collision Avoidance, Ramp-to-Ramp Navigation (including autonomous ramp entering and exiting), and Override. For driving in urban areas and other unstructured scenarios, DJI Automotive also provides users with City Assist. This suite offers Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Brake, Lane-Keeping Assistance, Blind Spot Warning, Pre-Collision Warning, and Intersection Assistance. D80+ enhances hands-free driving by further improving safety design.

Short Cut-In Handling
Advanced Lane-Keeping
Intelligent Collision Avoidance
Curvature-Based Deceleration
Senses the state of traffic in the immediate area in real time to automatically decelerate, avoid surrounding vehicles, or follow vehicles in stop-and-go traffic.
Enables the vehicle to stay in the center of the lane even on roads with concurrent old and new lane markings or no lane markings at all.
The DJI Stereo Perception System can detect any shape of obstacles and direct the vehicle to slow down or move sideways to avoid obstacles.
The Stereo Perception System can align with a street curvature and decelerate accordingly based on the curvature of the corner.

Hardware Configuration

DJI Driving D80
DJI Driving D80+

Other Solutions

DJI Driving D130 Series

Covers a speed range from 0-130 kph, making it suitable for both city expressways and highways.

The DJI Parking System

Consists of Parking Assist, Memory Parking, Auto Parking, and Intelligent Summon.