DJI Automotive Core Components

DJI Automotive offers DJI vision sensors such as stereo cameras, monocular cameras, as well as components including Autonomous Driving Domain Controller (AD ECU) and Cabin Monitoring System (CMS). These components are independently developed and manufactured by DJI Automotive, with strong compatibility and can be flexibly configured based on system requirements.

DJI Stereo Camera

Benefits from rich experience of vision algorithms and systems in the field of drones and its millions-scale mass production experience, DJI Automotive has independently developed a variety of stereo and monocular vision sensors. Monocular cameras can accurately detect and classify objects such as pedestrians, vehicles, lane markings, and road edges. Stereo cameras can detect not only regular objects, but also arbitrary types of obstacles with high-precision distance estimation.

DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller

The DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller is a high-performance, automotive-grade, and high-scalability universal computing platform designed for autonomous driving systems. It is developed in strict accordance with the ISO 21434 cybersecurity standard and ISO 26262 functional safety standard while meeting ASIL-D requirements. It can flexibly configure computing power (16 TOPS to 200 TOPS) according to the needs of the specific autonomous driving system. It meets the industry's highest reliability test standard and IP6K7 protection requirements.