DJI Driving Core Components

DJI Automotive offers Monocular Cameras and Stereo Cameras for DJI Perception Sensors as well as cameras for the DJI Driver Monitoring System and the DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller. According to system requirements, the above components are independently developed and manufactured by DJI Automotive, with strong compatibility and flexible configuration.

DJI Perception Sensors

Based on the algorithm accumulation in the field of UAV vision sensing and million-level production experience, DJI Automotive has independently developed a variety of Monocular and Stereo Perception Sensors. The Monocular Perception Sensor can accurately identify and classify objects such as people, vehicles, road markings, and road edges. The Stereo Perception Sensor can identify common objects with high precision, locate arbitrary obstacles and estimate the distance.

Online Self-Calibration Technology

The DJI Stereo Perception System uses Self-Calibration Technology that effectively avoids sensing performance degradation caused by baseline changes resulting from temperature, vibration, and other environmental factors, making the product more stable and reliable.

Random Obstacle Detection and Depth Estimation

DJI Automotive's Proprietary Stereo Vision-based Depth Estimation and Visual Sensing Technology accurately identifies and locates both moving and static targets and road elements. It also obtains the critical point cloud depth information of random obstacles, effectively reducing the rate of misdetection.

Powerful Generalization Capability of Core Algorithm

DJI Automotive's Vision Perception Algorithm has greater generalization capability than pure machine learning based solutions. It enables explicit geometric segmentation and accurate depth estimation, better meeting advanced autonomous driving systems' requirements.

DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller

The DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller is a high-performance, automotive-grade, and high-scalability universal computing platform designed for autonomous driving systems. It is developed in strict accordance with the ISO 21434 cybersecurity standard and ISO 26262 functional safety standard while meeting ASIL-D requirements. It can flexibly configure computing power according to the needs of the specific autonomous driving system. DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller is small (275×120×40 mm) and lightweight (< 1 kg). It is IP6K7-compliant.

In-House Developed Middleware

The DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller adopts in-house developed middleware developed according to the A-SPICE. It integrates BSP and Safety OS and meets Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR standards with powerful real-time performance, reliability, and bandwidth.

Advanced Computing Power, Comprehensive Optimization of Software and Hardware

The first-generation DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller provides more than 20 TOPS of computational power to support various autonomous driving solutions. For higher-level autonomous driving systems, DJI Automotive also provides an upgraded version of DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller with more than 100 TOPS computational power for performance and safety purposes. The DJI Autonomous Driving Software are highly optimized for their hardware platforms, striking a balance between performance, computing power, and cost.

Rich Expansions

The DJI Autonomous Driving Domain Controller also supports the expansion of sensors like Monocular Perception System, Stereo Perception System, Radars, IMU, and LiDAR. It also has ports for CAN-FD, LVDS, and 100/1000M Ethernet.

DJI Driver Monitoring System

DJI Driver Monitoring System is a solution that can detect the driver’s condition through four functions – Facial Analysis, Fatigue Detection, Distraction Detection, and Dangerous Behavior Detection – to reduce accidents caused by human error, helping to ensure safe driving. Verified by closed-loop automatic driving, the solution improves recognition accuracy and reduces false alarms.

Accurate Identification

Based on analytical models built on large-scale learning, the solution can accurately estimate head posture and gaze of the driver without or with mask and sunglasses.

Flexible Deployment

Compact and easy to install, it can be installed near the A-pillar, rearview mirror, dashboard, and other locations according to customer needs.

Closed-Loop Verification

A set of driver behavior analysis methodologies is established. The model is continuously iterated based on large-scale data and verified with the DJI Autonomous Driving System.

Other Parts

Livox LiDAR



*Livox LiDAR, GNSS and HD MAPS are provided by third party partners, intergate by DJI Automotive. The data on this page were independently collected by DJI Automotive.
Arbitrary obstacles include objects that may obstruct the vehicle and objects of visually distinct color and texture different from the road surface. This excludes completely transparent and reflective objects.

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