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DJI Automotive

DJI Automotive is a DJI subsidiary that provides integrated solutions for autonomous driving. It focuses on the research development, production, and sales of autonomous driving systems and related core components. With years of experience in perception, machine learning, localization and mapping, decision making and planning, motion control and embedded system, and mass production of intelligent systems, DJI Automotive will broaden the application scope of technology and introduce solutions with its proprietary innovations within the field of autonomous driving.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

DJI Automotive has an innovative and experienced team on board. As of the end of 2020, there are more than 500 core R&D personnel, 87% of whom have master's degrees and doctorates. Most of the team members have studied and worked at top universities, research institutions, as well as internationally renowned OEM and Tier-1 suppliers in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. In terms of intelligent manufacturing and quality systems, DJI Automotive has established an engineering team of over 200 people; 90% of our engineers have work experience in well-known OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers, providing strong support for the mass production of intelligent technologies.

Core R&D Engineers

Master's Degree & Doctorate


Intellectual Property

By using its extensive research and development in the fields of perception, machine learning, localization and mapping, decision making and planning, motion control and embedded system. As of 2020, DJI Automotive filed over 1,000 patents in autonomous driving and related fields.

Automotive-Grade Management System

DJI Automotive focuses on supply chain management, quality assurance, and new product development, combining its own characteristics with industry requirements to create an automotive-grade management system. We keep making progress in practice to provide customers with affordable, high-quality, and high-performance autonomous driving products.

Comprehensive Testing and Verification System

In accordance with industrial standards, DJI Automotive has established a comprehensive testing system and a set of methodology-based features for its own products. To verify the autonomous driving systems, DJI Automotive has developed a toolchain represented by simulators, a test operation center, and a professional team to conduct testing. A comprehensive system was created with tests, testing operations, and safety operator training.

Testing System and Methodology

Based on the testing strategies and requirements of ASPICE, ISO 26262, and V-model, DJI Automotive has established a set of scenario-based testing methodologies. These methodologies are based on ISO 21448, ISO 34502, Enable S3, PEGASUS, and other industry tests, with its own developments in testing methodology. The system provides a clear test hierarchy, each with a complete testing strategy, methodology, toolchain, and support from professional administrators.

Testing Toolchain

As a member of the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM), DJI Automotive has participated in the standardization of autonomous driving simulations and simulation tools. To verify the autonomous driving system in depth, DJI Automotive employs universal testing tools and has developed a toolchain represented by simulators, which can independently perform simulation tests and closed-loop verification of real-world tests.

Intelligent Manufacturing Center and Intelligent Testing Center

DJI Automotive's Intelligent Manufacturing Center and Intelligent Testing Center focus on one-stop manufacturing and testing of autonomous driving hardware, such as Perception Sensors, Autonomous Driving Domain Controller, and Radars. Both centers have a full range of world-leading equipment and professional teams with extensive automotive industry experience and outstanding technical capabilities. Supported by information systems such as PLM, MES, IMS, ERP, EAM, and QMS, DJI Automotive features a world-class automotive-grade intelligent manufacturing and testing center according to the standards of Industry 4.0.

DJI Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Center

The DJI Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Center is built and operated in accordance with IPC J–STD-001, ANSI/ESD S20.20, ISO 14644-1, along with other standards, and has passed certifications such as TISAX, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 27001. It has complete process development capabilities that can empower automotive-grade intelligent production of key autonomous driving components, including SMT, automated assembly, and automated testing.

DJI Automotive Testing Center

The DJI Automotive Testing Center has a professional laboratory team with a management system built according to ISO 17025 standards. The laboratory supports a range of tests, including EMC, electrical, environmental reliability, mechanics, material, chemical, failure analysis, and physical analysis. Currently, our testing capabilities have met the requirements of major OEMs, as well as national standards and international standards such as ISO 16750, ISO 20653, PV 3930, GB/T 2423, GB/T 4208, GB/T 28046, TL 81000, and VW 80000.

*The data in this page were independently collected by DJI Automotive.

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